Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anna's Literary Genius

I go to Anna's classroom once a week for a couple hours to read with the kids. Last week when I got there, Anna's teacher asked Anna to show me her writing journal. The class had read a story about animals and the journal assignment was to write 3-5 sentences describing an animal and then the class would try and guess what animal they were describing. In the few minutes that the class had to write, "this animal has feathers" or "this animal lives in a barn", Anna whips out this masterpiece of literary genius:

"I like to drink milk, and eat lots of food,
Whenever you try to touch me, I'm in a bad mood.
I think yarn is fun, I have a good clean dish,
The only treat I'd like is NICE FRESH FISH!
My eyes are super yellow, they are sometimes scary,
I sometimes live on a farm, where cows make dairy.
My fur is really soft, my nails are really sharp,
I will fall asleep if you play music on a harp.
My tail is skinny, any pattern, spots, or shade,
If you like this animal, you may not want to trade!"

What am I?

Seriously? I almost died. She's in 2nd grade, people!

This kid is gonna make me millions.


AngelaW said...

That is amazing! Jack only seems to be able to write poems with words that rhyme with fart, and he's a 4th grader.

I've been thinking of Anna as a sweet baby girl since your last post. It really does not seem possible that she is 8!

The Brough Family said...

Wow!! Way to go Anna. That's fantastic.

Jeni said...

A cat!

Army Wife Quilter said...

wow amber you need to get her published. like a childs book or something. It would be a great story.

Kyndra said...

WOW!!! That really is genius.

MooreInterest said...

Oh, Anna you ARE SO AMAZING!!!!