Sunday, November 13, 2011

McWane & A Parade

ALL the students in our house had Veteran's Day off so we decided to do some exploring! On Friday morning, we drove to Birmingham and spent the day at the McWane Science Center. It is four floors of science delight right in downtown. The highlights included digging for dinosaur bones, the awesome train display, laying on a bed of nails, butterflies landing on our shadows, and making fabulous family portraits on the push peg boards. But the best part of the day was touching REAL.LIVE.SHARKS. And rays.

About halfway through the visit, we went outside and watched the Veteran's Day parade go by. It is the longest running and largest Veteran's Day parade in the United States...right there in Birmingham. And I must say, they sure love the military here. There were so many flags and cheering and was such a wonderful thing to be a part of.

After the day in Birmingham, we made a quick stop North of town to see the temple and then headed on to Huntsville for another adventure on Saturday...

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Jeni said...

Ha, big change from Fairchild. We remember when we first got stationed at Fairchild and went through orientation. During an Air Force briefing they told us to not wear Air Force shirts off base. If we are outside city limits do not stop for cops until you get into a populated area because they may be dirty and anti-government and they spot base stickers. Steve and I looked at each other like where the hell are we? Then driving home in the car the radio station claims to be "home of Mark Fuhrman". It was like a Twighlight Zone.