Monday, December 26, 2011

Let It...Snow?

This has been the only snowless Christmas our kids have ever doesn't seemed to have really bothered anyone but Josh. Certainly didn't bother me. But my dear friend Kristi and her family sent our kids a can of make-your-own snow for Christmas! It is made of the same stuff that is inside diapers...we just added water and instant snow! The kids made a few snowballs, a little snowman and called it good.

That's my kind of snow!

Have any of you seen the darling types of duct tape there are out there now? I found this reindeer roll at Michaels in early December and made some cards with it. LOVE the green.

Hope everyone is having a happy Christmas hangover!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Luckily, we had about 10 inches of snow on Thursday and then sunshine for Christmas. Best of both worlds. I've never tried that fake snow - glad your kiddos liked it.

Jeni said...

Those cards are soooo fun. You are putting me in a crafty mood. I need to clean up around here so I can get started on something.

We don't get snow here in Sacramento either. I do not miss it at all. If we drive 30 miles we can see plenty of it if we want, but I'll pass for now. I plan on going outside later for a job in the CA sunshine.

Jeni said...

for a JOG...not job.