Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reindeer Noses

Tomorrow all the kids have Christmas parties so I will be shuttling between their three schools. I made cupcakes for Sam's class and wanted to do a little something for Anna and Joshua's classes as well. I saw some cute little packets of "reindeer noses" online and thought they would be perfect! There are a lot of printable bag toppers online made specifically for reindeer noses, but I didn't love any of them so I made up some of my own. I used this set of Stampin' Up stamps and cut off the reindeer part of the main stamp and used it on a clear stamp block and then colored them with watercolor pencils. Some of the packets online were made with red and brown M&Ms, but I liked the perfect ball shape of the Whoppers (Anna used to call them "Woopers") and cherry sours.


MooreInterest said...

How. Do. You. Do. It?
I am so amazed!

Anonymous said...

Again, you see and idea and make it even better. You must have creative genes. ;-)

the mom

Cherie said...

Great idea!! You always do a wonderful job!!

Jeni said...

I see Rudolph's nose shinning bright. Those are really cute!