Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Apothecary Jars

I LOVE those gorgeous, big apothecary jars that everyone has on their entry table or mantle filled with beautiful holiday things. But three things bring me to a screeching halt every time I ever even consider putting one in my cart.

1. Price. They are SO expensive. And even with coupons, I could easily spend $80 on jars. And I'd want a lot of them.

2. They are big. And I have 3 kids.

3. We move all the time. I almost have a panic attack just thinking about the mover dudes trying to pack them up and get them to our next home without them shattering.

So when I saw this on Pinterest, I got excited. By scouring my local junk shops, dollar stores, and even my own cupboards, I got the elements to MAKE some apothecary jars. They are smaller than average, but inexpensive so if they big deal. So I made 6 apothecary jars. For about $20. Seriously.

I can just see them all on my mantle filled with Valentine goodies. This has been my favorite project in a long time...


April said...

Those turned out cute!

Montserrat said...


Like totally.

Jessica Jane said...

Those are AWESOME! Tutorial? Link to tutorial? I love the scarf too. I need to figure out pinterest and follow you!

Jami Rugg said...

Don't you just love it when you find a great idea that is family friendly and inexpensive! I'm so glad you shared. Thanks.

Jessica said...

Those are really cute...and better then the store ones b/c really, who wants to spend $1000 on m&m's to fill them up?