Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tee Makeover Mania!

Holy cow. I saw this darling tutorial on Pinterest last week and I got a little obsessed. I bought a couple of long sleeved tees at Target, cut one up, and tried my hand at a great tee makeover. Mine turned out just a little bit different, but I love it. I wore it to church last week with a black cardigan. CUTE!

Yesterday, I was scouring online to find a couple other ways to makeover tees, but it seemed to defeat the purpose to buy tees to makeover. Then BAM! It hits me. When I pulled out all my winter clothes, I set aside a bunch of Old Navy tees that were either very low v-necks that I didn't want to wear with a tank in the hot Alabama summer or that the neck seemed a little stretched out. Or boring. I had them out in the garage to donate. So I got them out, took them inside and inspiration hit! First, I had a light olive flutter shirt that I got online for $3 at Old Navy but that was too big. It did have this great flower detail at the bottom. I also found a dark olive tee. I carefully cut around the flowers and also the embroidery details. I got it all pinned where I wanted it and hand stitched it on. There seemed to be a big empty spot in the center so I cut along the finished hem and made a little gathered flower and sewed it in the spot. LOVE it.

I also ended up finding a v-neck tee and a crew neck tee in the same color. I cut the v-neck into strips, hand gathered the strips, pinned them to the crew neck and sewed them on. I thought this one would be cute with a white cardigan while it is still cool. It is very similar to this tutorial.

I have a couple more ideas and a couple more shirts. But not for tonight.

Have a great week!


Jenni said...

Amber, those are GORGEOUS! I love each of them! You could sell these, seriously you could! :) I can see why you are having so much fun making these, and the results are amazing!

How are you doing lately? Did you have a good Christmas? I hope you are all well! :)


becky said...

super cute.

Jeni said...

I love that look. I would like to try one for Madi too.