Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Smalentines

I had a fun time with some Valentines for the kids, their classes and Tony this year...thanks in BIG part to my new love affair with Pinterest!

For the week leading up to Valentine's Day, I used this darling pillbox idea from The Dating Divas (this is their picture...I didn't snap one of mine). In each section, I put a little slip of paper with 1 thing that I love about each kid (and Tony), candy, and those tiny little squishy toys the kids love. They have had a ball opening a new part each morning and as a mom, I get a little kick when they look for the note from me first.

Josh chose to use this cute idea with Goldfish cookie bags to ask his classmates to o'fish'ally be his Valentine.

Anna used this cute butterfly pattern I actually had bookmarked from last year to make her Valentines. We had a ball putting them together and gluing on the eyes. We also decided to use patterned paper so we didn't have to do any additional decorating.

We came up with Sam's Valentines all on our own. We even like them better than last years...

For the kids' teachers, I made Valentine-themed puppy chow (from Pinterest here) and put it in brown paper bags. Originally, the idea was to print this cute template (also bookmarked from last year) on the paper bags, but they kept jamming in my printer so I just printed them on sticker sheets, trimmed them up, stuck 'em on the front of the bag and tied it up with my favorite red baker's twine.

Whew. I think all I want for Valentine's day is a Nap!


Jeni said...

Oh Amber they are all so cute!!! Sam's is my favorite though. I want to try the pill box for my family...maybe next year. Ha, I did the same brown paper bags...I was lucky this time though because I did get mine to go through the printer...well, untill the last one. I was so excited my plan was working and then on my last one it took me over 30 minutes, it kept getting jammed, then I had to turn off the printer and start over like 4 times...all for the last one. But it's over and all it well.

Happy Valentine's Day

MooreInterest said...

Could you PLEASE come and be our Valentine Fairy? This year was a bit of a flop! Wish I had been as prepared as you! So thoughful, as usual!!! Hope you had a great day!