Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vanilla Infused Sugar Visiting Teaching Gift

I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest (of course) and knew it would be a great, original gift for our *4 NEW* visiting teaching ladies! We've been a little slow on the draw this month with the ward split, new partners and new ladies, and I'm REALLY slow posting it. But it is a great idea and with the free printable tag, they really could be a great gift any time of year.

The link to the vanilla infused sugar and the file for the tag can be found in this post at Somewhere Splendid. I doubled the recipe and split it into four pint jars. Instead of using the printable as a tag, I printed the file on a sticker sheet, cut them out and stuck them to the top of the lids. Add a little ribbon and voila. Wouldn't this be delish in hot chocolate??

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Jeni said...

What a pretty gift!!! I wish I had some right now...sounds yummy. I love vanilla.