Friday, March 30, 2012

Rio-Day 2, part 2

We stopped on the downhill trek from the top of Corcovado at a little cafe for a mango fruit bar and Guarana. I LOVE Guarana!

After we got back to the hotel, we went out to the beach and soaked up some afternoon rays. The forecast for Rio when we left for Brazil was NOT good, but we ended up with glorious, sunny skies and cool ocean breezes. The hotel we stayed at had a beach service that provided chairs, umbrellas, towels and water. Fabuloso!
After the beach, we got cleaned up and walked a couple blocks to a Churrascaria that one of the porters suggested. Everything was so fabulous...lots of traditional Brazilian side dishes as well as generous cuts of every meat you can imagine! Tony even ate a chicken heart and I downed an oyster. Fabulous service and they all loved to come talk to Tony once they found out he could speak Portuguese.

And I got chocolate mousse for dessert. In fact, Tony and I decided that we should come back to the States and open a "Dessertaria" a Churrascaria only with all different kinds of desserts instead of meat. I think we'd make millions.

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