Sunday, April 1, 2012

Castle's Bucket List

We're sitting in the Charlotte airport's USO waiting for our last flight home from Brazil. Tony's sleeping, but I'm too excited to see the kids so I'm just clicking around online. And I found Richard Castle's "Bucket List" on his blog. Here is the preview. The link to the entire list is here. Make sure you look at the things he has already crossed off...

And if you are STILL not watching one of the best shows on television, for heaven's's on tomorrow night. You'll fall in love. With the show AND with Castle.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Hi Amber!

First of all, please look out of the window at the airport and wave to my middle child. Stupid Charlotte School of Law took her out of my Kung-Fu grip.

Castle is awesome, the show and the character! In fact, they do such a good job with all of the characters. Such a rich texture artfully packed into a one-hour show, huh?

Travel safe.



MooreInterest said...

I hope you're home safe and sound! It looks like a fabulous trip! (I'm jealous, oops not after conference...LOL!!! But still kinda) Thanks for filling us in! We just went to Peterson's today and she made crepes! So fun to visit with them! When you're in town again....we'll host!!!! Hope you loved it ALL!

Kathleen said...

preaching to the choir!

StrategySmith said...

Hey--great blog! Nice to read about the Brazil trip and glad you and Tony made it back safe and sound. We're pretty big Castle fans too at the Smith home.