Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brazil-Last Day

Life has gotten in the way of finishing my Brazil blog posts!! But here it is...the final day in pictures.

The last morning in Salvador, we slept in and headed down to breakfast. They had a large group of iguanas that live on the hotel grounds and they seem to have learned that breakfast=fresh fruit and gullible tourists. I swear this one was ready to bite my ankles and steal my breakfast!

After we finished eating, we hit the hammocks in the courtyard and literally "hung out" for a while. I love that we are both in this photo!

I talked Tony into staying downstairs (didn't take much convincing) so I could pack in peace. We checked out and stowed our bags at the porter station and checked email, played Angry Birds and a couple games of pool in the lobby. The whole reason we hung around the hotel is that on Saturday, they have a huge traditional feijoada lunch at the outdoor restaurant. It was the only time we had it while in Brazil...so delish!!

We also had breaded and fried bananas and glorious desserts! For these special lunches, they have a local band play traditional Bahian music. They must have been having a birthday party of some sort, because the whole time we were eating lunch, we were entertained by singing and dancing older ladies. It was so fun to see them enjoying the day in beautiful Salvador.

This last picture is the wait staff at the restaurant. We loved that they were dressed in Traditional Bahia dress. They loved to chat in Portuguese with Tony!!

After lunch, we met out driver and headed to the airport. We had a short 2 hour flight back to Rio and them the long trek home. We landed in Charlotte at about 7:00 in the morning and headed up to the USO to relax until we could get out flight to Montgomery. We got home about noon...and Brazil already seemed like a dream. It was the trip of a lifetime.

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