Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Supermoon!

We just came in from observing the moon almost at perigee with the kids in the front yard. Before tonight, I actually had no idea what that meant!! Now we know that when the moon reaches perigee (and it will a little after 11:35 tonight), it will be at its closest point to the earth this year. A minute after reaching perigee, the moon becomes full and will be called a "supermoon."

I'm so glad that my husband and kids are fascinated by science so that they can make me look smart.

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MooreInterest said...

So- My little Lauren kept asking yesterday, "When is the next full moon!?" And I always have a running joke that when the kids are EXTRA wild--then it must be a full moon! My response at one point was..."Today!" (They are off track). We soon quickly leaned about the Super Moon. What a great experience for kids...and Moms!!!!