Monday, February 2, 2009

Room to Grow & Visiting Teaching Love

I'm not sure why (hmmm...big move? spring fever? neurosis??) but I got the itch to do a long overdue overhaul on the boys' bedroom today. Since Josh's birth, we have used baskets in his changing table for all his clothes...but have long since quit using the changing table to change his diaper. So I re-purposed some plastic stacking drawers that I wasn't using anymore and moved all Josh's cute little clothes from the baskets to the drawers and stacked them in the closet. It freed up some much needed space in the there is more room to play on the floor. And that big empty space above the dresser? My mom is helping me frame the perfect "something" that will hang there when she comes to visit in just a few weeks. The changing table we used for all three sweet babies will go in the garage sale pile. Sigh.

And for February visiting teaching gifts, I picked up some boxes of Mrs. Fields chocolates at Target (I saw in Utah that they also have some smaller 3-pack boxes in their $1 Spot that would be perfect, too). I made tags with some darling paper I picked up in Utah to make Anna's Valentines and added the scripture John 13:34-35; "A new commandment I give unto you; That ye love one another as I have loved you..."


Bonnie B. said...

I wish the bedrooms in our house looked as clean! Spring fever does the same thing to me.

Cute idea for the VT gifts.

When/where are you moving?

Kathleen said...

great job on the room--i love reorganizing and repurposing (my mom and i even make it a "date" each season!) i'm glad you got it all done--i hope anna will feel a bit peppier tomorrow! (emily still asked me if anna could come over and play--obviously, she understands a girl's emotions!)

Jeni said...

Utah has the best craft shopping! Super cute. I would love to get my closets to look like that!

Ashlee said...

Mmmmm....chocolate. I bought the brownie truffles from Target, too and indulged a bit tonight.

Camie said...

AW....freeing up space is just a great feeling. Its like just being able to take a big deep breath.

And once again you pulled of a fab VT handout.

Tonia said...

sometimes I get that itch too! Hey I will post some pictures of my name blocks as soon as I get a minute. I promise!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Those tags are so very cute!
-sandy toe

Our Complete Family said...

What a great closet organizing job you did girl! I need you to come help me...mine are way out of control right now!!!
The Val day tags are adorable! So, so, so cute! They'll love them!
And the post below...Anna sure did learn it right! Love what she said hun!
Hugs, Les

Ice Cream said...

I think I have a set of plastic drawers in every single closet in my house. LOVE THEM.