Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have been always admired those gorgeous layered desserts made in shot glasses.  But as a non-drinker, there seemed to be very little reason to buy shot glasses...except to make gorgeous layered desserts.  And I just couldn't justify the expense.  Well, last week Target stocked a bunch of different glasses in their $1 bins...including heavy glass shot glasses.  Hallelujah!!  I'll take 16!  I even had them in my cart before I realized that there was no way that a normal spoon would fit into the very bottom of those very cute glasses.  Demoralized, I put the shot glasses back.

But wait!  Today while I was in World Market looking for glass cloches, I came across a little box full of taster spoons.  That's right.  Cute little spoons that will without a doubt fit into the very bottom recesses of those very cute shot glasses.  And at about a $1 each, well, I bought 16.

Then went to Target and bought me some damn shot glasses!  So if I start pinning a million shot glass dessert recipes, you'll know why.


Jeni said...

I am so excited over your inspiration. Steve is at a Celtics game with work friends, I am at home and after dark our power goes out. It's on now but of course I can't get the tv to work...but my computer does. Tomorrow I am going to Yankee Candle Village, Steve's new boss has a sister who works for Yankee candle and gave me a pass for %60 off on the 15th and 16th. So if I have any life savings left when I am done I want to go check out my Target. Steve works next Wed. night and my family is flying in Thur. morning at 1035 so I will be doing all the cooking myself. I wanted to try a pumpkin cheesecake but if I find these shot glasses I might try that...maybe I can make them Wed. night ahead of the craziness. I can't wait to see what you make with these. Well since I have no tv I am going to go turn on Christmas tunes and work on my cards...I am still NOT done. Do I sound cranky? I am grateful for it all maybe just overwhelmed this minute.

Heather said...

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