Friday, May 22, 2009

Anna's Preschool Graduation

Well, my friends, it is the beginning of the ends. The end of preschool. The end of the school year for Sam. The end of dance. The end of piano lessons. The end of our time in Nebraska. And although the ends are a bit sad, I AM SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER! I am so looking forward to having the kids home during the day, trips to the sprinkler park, visits to the zoo and hitting all our favorite spots before they drag us kicking and screaming on to our next assignment.

But back to the ending at hand. Last night was Anna's graduation from preschool, and what a fantastic year it was for her. We got her all dolled up and we headed over to the YMCA for the big program.

One of the main reasons for Anna's great year was this lady...Ms. Karin. She is the most amazing teacher with just the right mix of discipline and love. The kids adore her and because of her dedication to the kids, Anna is more than prepared for Kindergarten next year.

And because I couldn't let Ms. Karin forget the kids whose lives she touched this year, I put together a little scrapbook of the kids, including a picture, a place for them to write their name, and a little questionnaire filled out by the kids and their parents. It turned out so cute and Ms. Karin was thrilled.

Congratulations, Anna! Now on with the summertime fun!


Loralee and the gang... said...

My youngest graduates from preschool soon, too! He has grown so much(as in - better behavior!) with his Teacher Tonya. This wonderful lady is a saint!

Eloise said...

What a treasure - both Miss Karin and the wonderful scrapbook you made for her! You absolutely amaze me, Amber, with your creativity and thoughtfulness.

PS I promise I am not a robot, though I think I repeat "You amaze me, Amber" in just about every comment I leave. Time to pull out the thesaurus, I suppose!

Jeni said...

What a pretty picture of you two girl together! Anna does look like a doll.

I may have to be sedated when the Air Force makes us leave Atlanta.

Walker said...

We love Ms. Karin too! I love the book you made for her, very sweet and she loved it! I am sad that you are leaving, but I still have hopes for a return transfer;)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I used to teach elementary school - what a wonderful gift. The picture of Anna and you is priceless - too cute.

Our Complete Family said...

You and your princess look so cute in this pic Amber! So glad she had such a fun year in preschool and speaking of fun...sounds like you all have some super, mega, ultra, fun things planned for this upcoming summer= F.U.N!
Love the scrapbook you made for her teacher. How precious! She will treasure it always.
xo Les

Leenz said...

Congrats Anna! We love you!