Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Growing Up Birds & Boys

The kids have been keeping a diligent eye on the baby robins. And yesterday, I finally climbed up into the playhouse to take a photo of the growing baby robins and this is what I found. We can't believe how much they have grown in just a few short weeks. And, yes, I do think they are MUCH cuter now.

And last Friday, Sam was recognized at a school assembly for being selected as May Pride Student of the Month. The base had a down day so Tony was able to come with us and we both loved hearing all the wonderful things Sam's teacher, Mrs. Young, had to say about him. Although we knew all about them already.

We love you, big guy!


Loralee and the gang... said...

i love it when our kids do something great, then as a bonus they are recognized for it! woo-hoo!

BeckyRuss said...

The birds do look much cuter! Congrats Sam on being such an awesome student and wonderful young man. We are so proud to be your aunt and uncle. We love you!
Uncle Russ and Aunt Becky
and of course Cuz Tucker

Sonja said...

Wow! Those birds are getting big. (and cuter!)

Three cheers for Sam. What a terrific kid! :)

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, you have a bird's nest in your playhouse?! I am so jealous! Those eggs were such a beautiful color, and I think the birds are cute! I will have to get caught up on your blog and see how they looked before! :)

Congratulations to Sam on being student of the month~ that is so exciting! :) I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend! :)