Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can A Black Thumb Turn Green?

Anybody who knows me knows my not-so-stellar track record with plants/flowers/vegetables. Tony is the gardener in our family and is always extremely successful. But I've vowed to do better this year. Tony did some work on the lawn this past weekend and made a rock border for our trees and plants in the front of the house. He also made a cute little planter right by the front steps. Where everyone who came to my door could see that it was empty. And mock me for my black thumb. So I spent a morning earlier this week planting pansies and alyssum (hopefully forgiving varieties) and they are doing great so far. So far.

But the greater success story is my little spice caddy. Okay, I admit that I only decided to plant spices because I loved this little caddy and I thought it would be cuter than cute to have it full of spice plants. And it certainly is cute. And after 3 weeks, all spices are still alive and thriving.

I can hear your applause through my computer. I'll keep you updated.


Jeni said...

The rocks and flowers look so pretty but I so love the caddy with the herbs...some day I am doing that. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the planters that Tony made
for you. And so far, your plants are doing well. You can do this!!

Pansies and allysum and both pretty
forgiving--good choice.

the mom

Kathleen said...

emily just saw your post and said: "oh, how beautiful!" great job on keeping them alive :-). the pansies are spring flowers...they don't like a lot of heat. but, if your area that they're planted in stays cooler, i'm sure they'll last! keep up the good work!

Rosanne said...

Good job! I am like you. Only I haven't learned to turn my thumb green yet. It's still black. ;) You have inspired me. ;)