Monday, March 14, 2011

Having A Family Adventure, Brough Style!

On Friday night, I had just gotten home from a movie with a girlfriend and Tony said something about the "earthquake in Japan." I'm like, "What earthquake in Japan?" And then he looked at me like I was crazy because I seriously had not had the TV on all day and had not listened to the news in the car (actually, Josh and I were jamming out to Lady Gaga, but that's beside the point). Anyway I hadn't heard a thing. But then, I started to freak out. My dear friend Liz and her family from our days in Papillion are currently stationed in Misawa, Japan. Not bothering to do the time calculations to know whether she would be awake or asleep, I called but only got voice mail. I waited another day. Then Sunday morning before church, I sent her an email and she was able to email me back later that night, letting me know her story and that her family was safe. You can read about her family's story here. Did I mention this woman is 38 weeks pregnant? She is my hero.

At the end of her email to me, she closed with these words:
Kiss you kids for me and check your 72 hour kits. Thank goodness for a prophets counsel!!!

I love you, Liz. your family and the sweet people of Japan are in our hearts and prayers.


The Brough Family said...

Thanks Amber... I love you too!!!

Jeni said...

Isn't it awful. When I lived in Japan we were briefed NOT 'IF' BUT 'WHEN'. I was there during the Kobe earthquake, but that ONLY killed 6,000. On that day I was scheduled a traing flight on a C-130 to Korea but was put on Alert status to help the Japanese but at that time they never tasked us...I am glad that I never saw those things first hand because it's hard to forget those horrific sights. I am glad your friend Liz is blessed to have her family all together and they are okay.