Friday, March 25, 2011

The Impossible Grocery List

While my mom was here helping the second week after my surgery, Tony asked us to put together a grocery list so that he could run and grab some things that we needed to get through the next few days. My mom and I came up with the usuals and she handed me the list to check. At the bottom of the list, kumquats. I said, "Oh, mom, you don't know Tony like I do. If they're on the list, that sweet guy will find them and bring them home!" So away Tony goes with the impossible list. When he gets home with the groceries, we ask him how it went and he said he got everything except the last thing on the list. He'd looked everywhere, asked the produce people and even the occasional stranger and nobody could tell him where (or even WHAT) kumquats were. Poor guy. We had a little giggle at his expense and my mom learned a new layer of Tony.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Josh has school in the morning so I try and hit the commissary alone. I was on my way to check out and I was still looking for yellow cherry tomatoes and I thought I saw them out of the corner of my eye. So I ran over, grabbed a box, and thought to myself, "Hey, these look like little" Yes, my friends. Kumquats. So I bought them and took them over to Tony's office to show him.

I figured they might be a hit in his candy dish.


Kathleen said...

ha! too funny--whodathunk kumquats would've been at a commisary in washington?

Anonymous said...

I love the ending to the "Saga of
the Kumquats!" What did Tony say?

the mom :)

Jessica Jane said...

It's a rare husband so dedicated to his list! He's a keeper for sure!

Jeni said...

This is funny because I just had my first kumquat at our commissary last week...they do the taste testing thing here. I had to ask the lady how to eat it...did it need peeling or what but she said just to eat it so I did.