Saturday, May 28, 2011

She Shoots! She Scores!

The boys were only interested in swimming this Spring, but Anna was all about soccer! I could handle the two weekly practices, but Tony (with his killer competitive edge) took her to all the games while I had the boys at swimming. Again, she was the only little girl on her team but after the first week of teasing, she got tough and kept up pretty well with the boys. Tony told her that every time she scored, he'd give her $5 but she hadn't done it yet. So on Wednesday night while Tony and Sam were at the church (they moved her last game to mid-week so it wouldn't mess with Memorial Day plans) I got to take her to her game. And after 6 games, she scored a goal. And the crowd went wild!

And I was lucky enough to be there to see it.


Kathleen said...

way to go, anna!! that's just awesome that she's sucha' good little soccer player!

MooreInterest said...

That's so GREAT! (If she can keep up with the "boys" she'll always have a good time!!--Trust me--I know.) I LOVE that last close-up of her!

Jessica Jane said...

That's a million dollar smile! What a great day--for her and you!