Friday, March 20, 2009

Passing Along the Love

First of all, I'm embarrassed that it has taken me so long to pass along these kind awards from some sweet blog friends from January and February! They were so appreciated, and now it the time to share the love!!

This first award is from Ginny over at Mom of 2 Dancers. I'm supposed to come up with five addictions and then pass the award along. So. Just five? Okay, top five.

1. My new Stampin' Up scallop edge punch.
2. Raw almonds.
3. The Wicked soundtrack.
4. Fountain diet Dr. Pepper. (that one never changes)
5. McIllece Family NCAA Basketball Bracketology.

And I'd like to pass along this award to:

Eloise from Weasel's Journey. I love her so much that I'm actually passing along an award to her...even though she is currently in Hawaii. She's lucky she's so great! Check out her annual Valentine's party she does for her friends...

Also, Jenni from Nest to Keep. She has a wonderful mix of home decorating ideas and wonderful insights that I always love to read.

And last, but not least, Miss Jeni from At Home in Georgia. I'm lucky enough to know this lady in real life and she seriously is like a little Energizer bunny. She has endless energy and an endless supply of great ideas. I will, however, never forgive her for taking me rollerblading for the first time in Washington 10 years ago and then giggling uncontrollably when I kept falling.:-)

This next one is from Ruth Ann from My Remodeled Nest. I'm supposed to pass this award on to bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude. Easy enough...there are some great ones out there!!

Laurel from Ducks in a Row...LOVE her Grateful Sunday posts.

And Jessica from Variety is the Spice of Life. We were actually roommates in college but had lost touch and reconnected through blogging. Just read a little about her family...she is an amazing seamstress AND mother.

And lucky you don't need a voice to blog. Because I don't HAVE ONE!! Hopefully, with a good night's sleep, I'll be back to my jabbery self tomorrow.


Jenni said...

Hi Amber~
Congratulations on your awards! They are much deserved! :) And you are so sweet~ thank you so very much for thinking of me! I will have fun passing this award on! :) I hope your weekend is wonderful! :)

Jessica Jane said...

You are so sweet to think of me and pass me some love! I hope you are feeling better and talking again soon! Sleep well!

Our Complete Family said...

Cute awards~ congrats, you deserve them hun!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Thank you so much for the bloggy love!

Jeni said...

This is just the prettiest award. It is you! And thanks for passing it on...I feel very special.

Eloise said...

Thank you so much, Amber, both for the award and your very kind words! You know we have quite the Mutual Admiration Society going on!