Monday, March 2, 2009

The Price of Beauty

Anna seems to be the perfect mix of sass and cuteness. She loves to be pretty and is actually quite tolerant of the whole "beauty equals pain" equation. Except when it comes to her hair. Her sweet little curls that she inherited from her daddy (lucky girl) seem to snarl every night, no matter how carefully we brush or how much conditioner we use. The other morning, she wanted pigtails...the queen mother of ouchiness. She asked me to be very careful and I told her I would try.

One pigtail, several shrieks, and one teary little girl later, Anna whips around, looks me straight in the eye and says,

"Is that the best you can do??"

Why, yes, it is little girl. Yes it is. That's the unfortunate price of beauty.

This photo of Anna was taken by the FABULOUS Heather D. White from {unwrapped}.


ME said...

Oh but those piggies are so cute...What doll.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I always end up playing catch-up on your blog, so I just scanned through the last 2-3 weeks of posts. I'm still amazed at your Lenten Dedication and applaud you for preparing yourself for the greatest celebration in the Christian faith. With Lent being about sacrifice and cleansing, as Jesus did in the desert, and though as a kid I was better able to give something up (of course, the encouragement of my parents helped my willpower), as a adult I find it so hard to decide what I should do. Chocolate and sugar in general is my addiction, and I so fear my "mommy's mad" face coming out too much if I give it up totally. But Joel and I have been struggling with losing those few extra pounds and getting in exercise and eating healthier in general, so this year instead of all out giving up the sweets, etc, we are working together to "clean up" our lives. Just the major reduction of sweets and snacks in my days is quite the push for me, so I think this year, this is good. And though Kateri isn't quite old enough to truly get the Lent idea, I am thinking (a little late here) that we should be doing something with her. So I'm thinking maybe we'll add praying (part of) the rosary with the kids into our bedtime routing along with reading books. I actually don't pray too much myself and as a kid praying the rosary every day was one of the things I did several years during Lent, so I think this would be a good way to pray more with Kateri and start teaching her some more of the Catholic prayers. And, of course, Vincent will get it too as he crawls around the bed! Thanks for your inspiration.

Jeni said...

Poor girl. I remember my mom making 2 french braids in my hair my whole young life and remember even my neck hurting from not giving into her pull. Madi...she gets so excited to go outside and play but then stops in her tracks and will ask if I have to do her hair first, when I reply with a yes, she will say okay she is not going out.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

How is it that God gave me three THREE daughters and I Cannot. Do. Hair.

But I try.

Laura has firm ideas about her hair (which mostly means leave it alone), but she's not tender headed. So there's that.

Anna's photo is stunningly beautiful.

Kathleen said...

sucha' pretty picture! where is heather from? will she travel here?

anna's hair always looks so pretty so tell her to hang tough--no pain, no gain, right? :-)

Our Complete Family said...

That picture is to die for! I love it, love it, love it!
Girl, she has the red headed spunkiness about her! Gotta love that, too! Trust'll serve her well later in life!
Mucho huggos~ Les

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love a little sass in my girls. Think they need it when the boys come around.

The Hartungs said...

I've heard that having a silk pillowcase works wonders on easily tangled hair. maybe it's just on thin fine hair I don't know it's been a long time since i read the article, but you could always try it out

Garrett Gang said...

SASS & CUTENESS are the perfect words!! The picture says it as well as her cute, sassy little comment!! I love it!!