Friday, January 15, 2010


Despite the challenges of having Tony away, I have found myself really enjoying a few new things over the past weeks. So, here are a few of my current favorite things:

1. My black Bare Trap boots. LOVE these things. And since there is no snow, they haven't even gotten all icky yet.

2. I'm proud to say that I have been a member of the Train fan club from almost the beginning. And it always makes me so happy when a hit of theirs makes it mainstream because they finally get a little of the notice I think they so richly deserve. Who out there hasn't caught themselves humming this one sometime over the past few months?? Anyone? Anyone?? If you need further evidence that these guys have mad skills, check out this cover the did of my favorite Aerosmith song on MTV's Icon in 2002.

3. Puzzles. The harder the better.

4. My sweet friend Jeni sent me a little care package with these candle oils and the are wonderful. In fact, right now my house smells like carrot cake. And I didn't even have to make one. Love you, Jeni!

Have you discovered something fab lately that makes you happy??


MooreInterest said...

See...I told you, "you make the best of everything!!!" I DO have a favorite...a cocoa latte machine. It's on my kitchen counter every morning just to warm the kids up before they run off to school!

Jami Rugg said...

can you post some pics of your house decor???? Since we live in a smaller place I have been having trouble decorating, and seeing other peoples decor and house cuteness always gets my mind rolling. you have super cute ideas!!

Jeni said...

My new favorite is scented dishsoap...I got some spiced chestnut dishsoap from William Sonoma and it makes me really happy.

I bet those boots make you happy...if I had those I would feel a rush with every step I took!

Kyndra said...

My new souffle cups - been making souffles and I love them!

Holly Ogden said...

I love Train! I run to the Soul Sister song and love it.

Jenni said...

Those boots are so cute! :) I can see why you love them! Isn't it amazing how when it comes down to it, it is really always the small details of life that make it so good? And yep, for me it is my coffee~ this new kind the milk deliver brings. It is SO good...and there is something so fun about pulling all of the food out of the milk box every week! It makes me feel a little like I live back in the "good old days"! :)

I am glad you are doing all right, despite Tony being gone! Will he be back soon? Thank you again for all of your sacrifice as a military family. I am profoundly grateful! :)

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