Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beauty School Drop-Out

I was in my bathroom getting ready one morning last week when Josh comes running in to tell me something. I noticed that some of the hair on the top of his head looked a little funny. I didn't think too much about it because his hair is so light that sometimes it just grows in really blond in patches. He came in a second time and I noticed it again, fingered the spot and under my breath kinda muttered, "I wonder what happened there" to which Josh promptly answers, "I cutta my hair."

Me: "What?"

Josh: "I cutta my hair witha scissors."

Me : "WHAT scissors?"

He takes me by the hand into the kitchen, opens the junk drawer, roots around over the edge (because he's too short to actually SEE into the drawer) and pulls out a set of scissors. I shrieked and scolded him about not cutting his hair. He looks up at me with teardrops on his mile-long baby eyelashes and says to me, "Don't tella my daddy." Break your heart. Of course, Tony laughed his head off before giving him the same stern lecture that I did. We're actually quite impressed he managed to cut some of his hair because we keep it so short in the first place.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because although Anna and Sam never cut their hair, both little girls in my new Sunbeam class have given themselves extreme pixie cuts recently. Maybe it's the phase of the moon.

At least he used safety scissors.


Cherie said...

What a cutie!

MooreInterest said...

Awe! You can't even tell!!!! And how could not love the honest way he told you! Adorable!!!

zakkalife said...

I think that's some kind of childhood rite of passage. A few months ago my daughter tried to cut her own hair. It ended up short on the sides and long in the back like some overgrown mullet. She even tried to hide the hair behind her desk. As if I wasn't going to notice!

Nykreim said...

Better then cutting his sisters hair.... :)

Nicole said...

He still looks pretty darn cute. My daughter is the only child of mine that has cute her hair, (knock on wood). I've been a horrible blogger or I'd know this, but are you living in Idaho now?