Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Picture Perfect

It has been a little difficult for me to get into the whole "Halloween spirit" this year, but this past week we finally got out our Halloween decorations. I don't have a lot...I'm kinda picky about Halloween decorations, but the ones we have, I really love. And when I saw this really fun project that Becky Higgins guest blogged about here, I knew it was something that was not only easy peasy, but would look cool with our other Halloween decorations.

I picked out a great frame at Target (they have some really great ones with wide photo mats), found some great damask print paper and the cute pumpkin at our brand-spankin' new Hobby Lobby. The pumpkin was a little big, so I did end up cutting about 1/2 " off the bottom so that it would lay flat against the paper. I really like the way it turned much so that it inspired me to do something similar for our visiting teaching ladies in November. I'll share them later. Even though they're already done. Gotta keep busy. That's my new mantra.

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Jeni said...

Oh Amber! It looks so warm and spooky. If I lived near you I would wish for an invite to your house for an afternoon of visiting while sipping on witch's brew.