Saturday, September 3, 2011


It has been a good day. Tony and Sam are in Oxford, Mississippi to watch BYU play Ole Miss and I have the little ones with me. We've spent the day quietly at home except for a quick run to the commissary and the Shoppette for a Dr. Pepper Icee. I talked to my mom on the phone. We played with Play-doh. Tonight, we vacuumed, bathed and jammied. Like most of Alabama, we're bracing for a few days of rain/thunderstorms caused by the severe weather along the Gulf Coast. But for right now, all is quiet.

And it was a good day.


Kathleen said...

don't you love those days when all goes smoothly and life just seems to peaceful? glad you had one :-). (and, go cougs!)

Tiggeriffic said...

I love the picture of your family at the water falls.. That is so cool. I love days when I can just play with Ben (4) he is my grandson. He loves to ride on the John Deere Lawn tractor.. I let him sit on my lap and he drives it down to the creek on our farm. Of course we have to take out shoes off and put our feet in the water. Oh summer is a time to play~!
Have a Tiggeriffic Day ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)