Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I love Saturday. It is the day I get to sleep in while Tony gets up with the kids and makes waffles and eggs for breakfast. I love to wake up to their sweet giggles as Tony chases them around and "Nichols tickle torture"s them, and then drifting back to doze for another little while. But what made this Saturday even more fun was that my sister Megan stayed overnight at our house. She kept me company way into the evening as I worked on projects and we got to of the most wonderful things about being with Megan. She helped me polish off a half a bag of milk chocolate cherry cordial Hershey kisses(the best kind of sister)...which brings me to my first random thought.
I found these great Hershey kisses at the commissary this week and got some for our family to enjoy and a bunch for Tony's candy bowl at his office. I am so proud of my sweet husband and his dedication to his job and the sacrifices he makes to serve our wonderful country. I love that the kisses match his desert BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform for all you normal people out there). What a blessing he is!
My second random thought...just wanted to share my latest project in preparation for my Christmas craft show...made these cute ornaments. I made multiples of them all, but just wanted to show some example. Thanks for humoring me. I LOVE Saturdays!


Cherie said...

Hi Amber,
If I were there I would definitely take pictures of your little people. They are so cute. I have been trying to get better at taking pictures. I just think it is fun. And sometimes I get lucky and get a good shot. I really love the ornaments that you made. I don't think you will have any problem selling those. And I am gald that you and your sister were able to share a bag of candy. That's what sisters are for.

Kristi said...

Cute, cute ornaments!! Is that stamps or rubon's for the lettering?

Megalicious said...

AMBER...I thought those candies were a SECRET...just kidding. I love you and I had tons of fun spending time with you last weekend!!!