Monday, June 9, 2008

Rice Crispy Treat Worms

Despite rumors to the contrary, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. After a crazy couple of days with no computer time, my google reader is exploding and I'm finally sitting down to catch up.

Several weeks ago, I came across the cutest treat project over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Jennwa has the best crafts for kids and these rice crispy treat worms were a huge hit on play dates last week.

Use your favorite rice crispy treat recipe and make a batch in a 9x13" pan. Cut them in half longways and then across the short way to create 12 longish worm bodies. The kids used strips of fruit leather to make stripes on the bodies and then I wrapped them in plastic wrap. Next, we used pipe cleaners to make antennae, the kids made them curly and then glued googly eyes on the front with tacky glue. The kids had a ball, and loved sharing their creations with their friends.

Sam was sure to straighten me out on two things, however. Apparently, worms have neither eyes or antennae. Just so you know.


Walker said...

Those are adorable. My boys would love to make those, looks like another ideas of yours I will have to borrow;)

Sonja said...

So very cute! How smart of Sam to know that worms don't have antennae or eyes. Maybe they're caterpillars? :)

Garrett Gang said...

Sam is such a smartie-pants. That's adorable.

Very cute treats. I'll have to remember that for school days.

jennwa said...

Those turned out great, I like that you kept them flat. They look great and were probably easier to make that way.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Ben and Madi would love to make those!


Marisa said...

Sam would know!! Thanks for the idea. The kids are itching to do something and the pool is off limits until baseball season is done so the poor coaches don't have very tired and cranky kids. Hurray for Amber projects!

zakkalife said...

adorable idea,

perhaps you have a little entomologist on your hands