Friday, January 23, 2009

Josh {hearts} Grandpa

Our precious time in Utah is quickly drawing to a close. Tomorrow is the big day and we'll start our journey home after Sam's baptism. But today? Hanging out at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with Sonja from Wonder Years and her adorable children (more on that to follow) and swimming in the pool at Grandpa and Grandma's hotel. And my favorite photo I have taken with my new camera thus far.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll catch up next week!


Jeni said...

That is a picture of all time...those are the kinds we cherish and love to look back on.

I will be thinking of all of you on Sam's big day!

Have a safe trip back...I will be waiting for some super fun craft ideas!!!

Montay said...

Wow what expression he has on his face the love a grandparent has for a child is unmatched by any other.

Bonnie B. said...

Cute picture!! Have fun, and travel safe! BTW, we love the dinosaur museum.

Ice Cream said...

Sounds like you are having a marvelous time.

Sonja said...

Listen up everyone! Amber is just as fabulous in person as she is on her blog. :)

I hope everything went well on this special day for Sam.

Travel safely!

Eloise said...

What a wonderful picture!

So glad you've had a good visit with your family and friends in Utah. Have a safe trip home.

Camie said...

That pictures is priceless. I need to get the info on your new camera...that is at the top my want list. Hope the baptism goes perfect.