Friday, January 9, 2009

Patience & Wisdom

Have a wonderful Friday!


Montay said...

Good one

Anonymous said...

Good friday to you! So, as always, I'm catching up. The cupcakes are very cute - what I loved was the Burrthday! Good to hear about the Valkyrie movie - Joel and I have a date night tonight, and we're still trying to decide what to do. We rarely go to the movies, but we were feeling like we should come up with something else to do plus we weren't sure there was anything we really wanted to see on the big screen. We're still contemplating ideas, but I'll reconsider the movie (though I'm always very hesitant to support Tom Cruise). Here's another question where you can educate me on the difference in our faiths (I'm always interested) . . . I know you all are preparing for Sam's baptism - why does the LDS faith wait to baptize kids - why aren't they baptized as infants? And where does that belief come from? I feel like I'm back around the campfire now! :)
Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to Sam and to you and Tony too.

Walker said...

Too cute!!! Hey I love your main picture, such a good family picture!

Amber M. said...

Hey Courtney! So glad you asked about Sam's baptism...we believe that babies are born innocent and that it is the parents responsibility to teach their children to learn right from wrong. At the age of eight, which we understand to be the age of accountablity, our children should have the knowledge and have the ability to choose right from wrong (If we've taught them correctly). So they are baptized (by their choice) and become member of the church with the understanding it is their responsibility to choose the right things and to repent if they do wrong. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions or if something is unclear, shoot me an email!