Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope that everybody had a fabulous food and football-filled Thanksgiving! Ours started very snowy...we have already had more snow this year than all of last winter combined. Scary? Perhaps.

Tony's boss, Lt. Col. Goldman and his family invited our family (and another family they go to church with) over to their beautiful home on the hill in North Spokane for the afternoon. Between Maria, Allison and I, we had a wonderful feast for about 1/3 of the work. Nice. The Goldmans have two beautiful daughters and Anna just loves to go play with them...almost like having two really cool older sisters for the afternoon. They even offered to sit at the little people table to help watch our three kiddos and all we heard was giggles. They spent the rest of the afternoon watching How To Train your Dragon and playing hide and seek. Such a great family. Somehow, the ladies ended up in the family room watching football and chatting and the guys got stuck in the dining room, well, just chatting. Not sure how that happened, but it worked out well for us!

The very best part about this Thanksgiving was being together as a family. Last November, we were just beginning our 6-month deployment and it was so good to be together this year. I know this past couple of months have been a little "blog light" and "heart heavy", but this year, I continue to be thankful for this part of my life. The wonderful people I have met through our silly little blog and your kind words and support when I have needed it the most. Here's to a wonderful Christmas season!


The Brough Family said...

Looks like a wonderful day!!

MooreInterest said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Friends!!

Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late)... Glad it was a good one and that you were together this year -- I can't wait to see your Christmas posts! My favorite! :o)

BeckyRuss said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving and that you got to be together as a family this year. I also love your Christmas cards you made in the last post. You are so talented Amber!