Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Fran--Last Day

I'm playing a little catch-up here and need to post my last photos from our San Francisco trip before I can post some more recent things. So bear with me for the sake of our family blog book.

Our last day in San Francisco, we slept in late, had Starbucks for breakfast in the rain, checked out of the hotel, and headed north. Our first stop was on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a surreal moment for me...after my parents returned from a trip to San Francisco when I was little, they showed me a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and it stuck with me so powerfully that I painted a picture of it in 3rd grade that won best in school. Really. The bridge was under construction, so there are cranes in pretty much every picture, but I loved seeing it. (And although I loved that there was no toll to cross the Bridge away from San Francisco, I couldn't believe it when we had to pay $6 to cross back over! What the...?) After the stop at the Golden Gate, we continued north to Muir Woods. Someone had mentioned to Tony how beautiful the area was. It was pretty. And wet. And a long way to drive to look at trees. But it was fun to be together and a wonderful way to unwind before our drive back to San Jose and the flight home to Spokane.

The End.

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