Monday, October 15, 2007


We got a delightful package in the mail today from Grammy Joan and Lena full of goodies from their recent trip to visit Dave, Ange and their family in India and Grandpa Bob in Thailand! We have enjoyed so much their fun stories from their travels...including having elephant rides at D's birthday party (thanks Ange, how are we supposed to compete with an ELEPHANT??), visiting the Taj Mahal, and poor Lena's unfortunate "groping" incident in a rickshaw. We also hear that Ange's Hindi comprehension is incredible after such a short time in country and that Dave is, well, still scary smart. And Grandpa Bob is healthy and happy in Thailand, although we miss him here.

Here is Sam with his little elephant from India and his frog toy from Thailand. The color is a little off, but I just loved his little smile.

Here is Anna with her beautiful fan and bracelet box...both perfect for a little princess.

Josh got this adorable little wooden car, and Joan picked out a beautiful woven table runner for our dining room table and Lena, my book buddy, sent a wooden and embossed silver bookmark. Such perfect gifts.

Tony scored with some Thai and Indian money for his collection...thank you for such fun, personal gifts! We are so glad you are home safely!


Cherie said...

Isn't it so much fun to recieve packages in the mail. We were surprised by a Halloween package today.

Leenz said...

Yay! Glad you liked the treasures, it's fun to shop for others.