Thursday, October 18, 2007

Warning! Warning!

Since the weather has turned a bit chilly, we have found ourselves watching some of our favorite movies that tend to gather dust during the glorious summer months. And atop that list of favorites is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Often, we allow our kids to watch with us albeit with selective and creative editing techniques. As kids will, they have taken to acting out parts of the movie.

Which got my husband to thinking. He was worried that the kids, in their desire to authentically as possible re-enact the journey to Mordor, would use my engagement/wedding ring as the Ring of Power. And lose it. So one evening, he had a very stern and convincing talk with the kids explaining that Mommy's ring cost a lot of money and, technically, it was NOT the Ring of Power and to use their imagination to come up with another one. This same week was Fire Safety Week at Sam's school and he really latched onto the whole concept of the "circle and slash" way of warning NOT to do something. That all explained, Tony and I found this carefully drawn note the other night laying by my little pile of jewelry in our bedroom.

Don't even think about touching the jewels. Heaven forgive us, we've yet to stop laughing about it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amber, I have yet to stop laughing, too. Just too cute
for words. How I love that
little guy. And I would NEVER
try to touch the jools. :)

Kristi said...

The whole sign is just too precious, but I just LOVE that hand reaching in to grab the "jools"!!

So good to talk to you today! Hope you got lots done!

April said...

Hilarious! There's no other word for that!

The Bennett Bunch said...

Oh my gosh, that note is too cute!! I bet you can't stop laughing. Definately a scrap moment!!

Leenz said...

I have been overcome by a fit of laughter and cannot stop.

Garrett Gang said...

Okay, Amber. That will probably become a little inside joke between the adults in my home...Reid & I are still laughing. I think it stuck.