Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last night was our ward's annual "Trunk or Treat", the greatest invention since fun- sized Snickers. It was such a nice evening and plenty dark by about 6:30 to really enjoy all the decorated trunks (and, being Nebraska after all) a truck bed or two.

After the kids parade and "Trunk or Treat", the kids came inside with their candy harvest to play games manned by the youth. Everybody enjoyed themselves, except Josh, who was up WAY past his bedtime and who wasn't entirely impressed with his moose costume. All things considered, a very successful evening.


Anonymous said...

Love the last picture of the two
wild animals with their tails
lined up. Sounds like a fun
evening. WAY cute costumes,
Amber---glad to see you could
get another year out of them!

Kristi said...

Such cute, cute pictures! However, I think my favorite is the one of Tony- he looks so amused wearing the moose head.

Garrett Gang said...

That picture of Tony & Joshua is absolutely the BEST!!! Don't let him wear it hunting!!