Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ghost Prints

First of all, Happy Halloween! And as a final offering in Halloween ideas for Scribbit's Winter Bazaar, I'm sharing a project that my kids and I did this year.

I used a foam brush to paint the bottom of one of their feet with white paint. Then I had them step on a piece of black paper. I quickly used baby wipes to clean their feet and then they used their fingers to make the eyes and oh so spooky "oh" mouth with black paint on the heel part of their footprint. I added the label with their names and ages as well as the year...someday, I'm sure it will be hanging on the wall during Halloween after the kids are grown and gone. My kids LOVED this project. Enjoy!

Thanks for everyone's ideas for Halloween...can't wait to see what we all come up with for Fall/Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Way too cute! How fun it will be to have those ghosts hanging around in years to come.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I think I will try it his afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Did the kids giggle when you
painted the bottom of their
feet? Bet it tickled. The
ghosts are darling.

Montserrat said...

Very cute!

Amber M. said...

You bet they giggled! As a mommy, that was the best part of the whole project...tickling their feet and making them giggle!

Scribbit said...

I like the pudgy little ghost on the left :) Very cute.

Niki said...

Very cute!