Friday, December 7, 2007

More Angels

Two more treasures from our angel ornament collection...

These are several of the many given to me by my dear, beautiful friend Sarah. I think she and her husband Bryan are some of the only reasons I made it through my first winter in Great Falls. Bryan was also a JAG at the time and Sarah and I clicked instantly. We got into all sorts of trouble together. Sarah kept me company while Tony was at JSOC, Bryan watched all the kids while Sarah and I went to the gym, and even after Tony got home, we ate dinners together, went to listen to President Bush on his stop in Great Falls together, and we grew to love them like family.

The first angel was one Sarah brought home to me after a business trip to Kansas first Serenity angel. I LOVE these angels and have given them as gifts and some stay up year round in our home. The second one, reading a book, came just this year before my birthday and is a set of three. I like this one best because it reminds me of Sarah and I and our propensity to share every book we read...she is one of the few of my friends that devours books like I do!

I love and miss you, Sarah!

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