Monday, December 17, 2007


Children have such a way of reminding us of what's really important--I've heard lots of personal examples of this from my friends and family lately. Lucky for me, I had an experience like that in my own home today. The introspection that Christmas creates allowed me see this precious moment for more than what it first appeared to be. Several years ago, I bought a Fisher-Price Nativity set. Best Holiday purchase I have ever made. We have several Nativities in our home, but none that the children were allowed to touch. It was so important to Tony and I that our family had the chance to play with and act out the story that is so central to what be know and believe about our Savior. I keep it low enough so they don't even need to ask to play with it. This is how I found it today.

I love how the Care Bear and the jolly old man himself got in on the Adoration. Wish we could all be so quick to remember the true meaning of Christmas.


Kristi said...

How incredibly sweet!! Hope you are having a great week!! I am sorry I haven't had a chance to call yet- life has been crazy!!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

What darling children--good job teaching them about a true
Christmas. Can't wait to see
you all-----SOON.

the mom

April said...

I JUST ordered the nativity online tonight! I'm hoping it gets here in time for Breea to drool on this year!

Garrett Gang said...

That is the sweetest thing... I love that nativity.

Leenz said...

Just goes to show that the birth of the Savior is something everyone can be awe-struck by, even carebears.