Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Stroll

After dinner last night Tony, my mom, me and all the kids went on a hike. My parents' house is at the end of a cul-de-sac and past them is miles and miles of Army land that they use for playing war, but is totally undeveloped and will probably stay undeveloped forever (yeah!). Makes for beautiful trails and wildlife...especially if you don't mind moose, bears, and wolves walking around with you. Yes, I have seen all of those in my neighborhood.

About a mile from the house is Campbell Creek which is pretty small up here but gets bigger and bigger as it flows to Cook Inlet. The pink salmon (Alaskans call them "humpies") are spawning so they turn bright red and travel upstream to where they were born to lay eggs and die. The kids kept singing "The Circle of Life" as we talked about the life cycle of salmon.

We found a spot where we could cross the creek and on the other side, we found this great tree swing. We all got in on the fun.

The fireweed is just starting to come of Tony's favorite things about Alaska. I like them too until they start sending up fluff that makes me sneeze and my eyes itch.

This metal
"fence" was built along the trail to keep motorized vehicles off the Army reservation. Right by Campbell Creek, we saw this and I had to take a picture. Man versus Mother Nature? Guess who wins every time.

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Jeni said...

Shoot, I would be scared to go out and check the mail at your moms house...I do not like lions and tigers and bears OH MY!