Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Teacher Gifts

Tomorrow is the big day! School will be starting for all three kids. And are they excited? Well, Anna has had her backpack packed and ready to go for a week. Seriously.

Today we went to the school's Open House and met all their new teachers (Josh's preschool teacher is the same this year) and I am very happy with them...I have a feeling it will be a great school year for everyone. And just to give my kids a teensy-weensy little edge, here are the little bags I put together full of teacher treats from the Target $1 bins...pencils, notepads, stamps and a stamp pad. The darling "Back to School" button I found at and I LOVE that they don't have a minimum purchase.

Yes, my friends, that is called kissing up. And I'm not above it.


Green Eyed Girl Crafts said...

Lucky teachers to have your kids in their class.. I see room mother in your Glad you had a safe trip in our fair state and hit all of the "fun" spots! Vic

Jeni said...

I am all for kissing up! Those are beautiful Amber!!! Looking at them gives me the wonderful feeling of fall too.

We are still waiting for household goods. Thank goodness we met some nice neighbors to loan us their lawn chairs...the Army has little loaner furniture...we are on the waiting list for chairs but hopefully our stuff should get here's been 75 days. So anyways I won't get to do much kissing up to B&M's teachers, at least not until we get out stuff. I am going to go check out that button place...thanks!

laixinjie said...

good post!!!